Self-proclaimed ‘junk hero’ makes a living getting rid of your unwanted items

After working for the Staten Island branch of a large junk removal company, Graig Vuotto, 44, has decided to become the borough’s “junk hero.” And like other “superheroes” he’s always ready to remove unwanted items and debris — and he can “do it all day.”

In fact, no job is too big or small for Vuotto, who recently opened Junk Heroes LLC in Rossville.

“I guess my personality trait that makes me a good fit for this business is deep down I’m a worker; I owe that to my parents. I’ll keep going until the job is done,” he said. “You have to be willing to get dirty and sweaty, and put in the work. I also don’t leave my guys to do things. I get dirty along with them, and don’t expect them to do anything I wouldn’t or haven’t done.”

Graig Vuotto and Junk Heroes staff
Graig Vuotto and Junk Heroes workers